I help founders with their mental health

I am 3X founder, a therapist and I help founders scale themselves at the same speed as their high-growth, high-performance startups.

We're ignoring a mental health fire
in the startup scene.

Founders suffer
From Mental Health Issues
Startup Failure
Due to Human Reasons
More likely to suffer
from a serious mental

Why Me?

I'm a 3x founder, a clinical psychologist and CBT therapist who’s battled and understood the depths of mental health issues that entrepreneurs face. I have helped over 50 founders with a blend of real-world entrepreneurship and psychological insight.
for founders
Build With Balance
Stress Management: Handle startup pressures.
Leadership Growth: Transition to executive roles.
Culture Creation: Foster efficiency and support.
Resilience Building: Strengthen emotional well-being.
Strategic Frameworks: Solve complex problems.
Effective Communication: Connect better with your team.
for venture
empower your portfolio
Founder Well-being Checks: Portfolio leader assessments.
Resilience Training: Stress management workshops.
Strategy Consultations: Enhancing operational growth.
Founder Support: Post-investment active coaching.
Mediation Services: Navigating co-founder disputes.
Health Overviews: Mental resilience reports for portfolio

A free mental health
guide for founders to create a sustainable path to success.